Friday, August 15, 2014

Summers almost gone...

it went way faster than i had wished, it always does.  Osiris Danielle and I just got back from my Mom's  house. we had a blast. Untill Danielle got stung by a jellyfish. Yay right ? in spite of the sting, we all had a gret time. 

Osiris loves the beach, we walked every morning, and evening and went to play in the water every day. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time flies...

Well it's been a hot minute.. Okay, it's been months, I know.. I'm sorry, life got away from me. Osi is going to be three, THREE! Can you believe it? I can't. He's so independent. He's strong, smart, fearless, and kind. I don't know where the time went. 

Christmas came and went. Most notable gift was a Stinky Kid doll, he has it with him always. It's freaking adorable, and all soft. Sleeping with it is fine. And it's machine washable. Osi's is filthy, I have to sneak him away for a bath, soon.. 
Some nights he even needs dinner.. I didn't even think he would like it.  Santa did good. 

A mountain of snow came and went. Osi loves making snowman angels. Like totally. And hot chocolate.. We went to visit my mom in Surfside Beach. That is always a good time.. We are actually headed back for a few days in June. Actual beach time is exciting. 

We chopped off all that hair, finally, he's so facey now. Like all cheeks and eyes. But so adorable. Although he says he misses his shoulder hair. Lol. I don't, well, I don't miss combing and braiding it. Although it looked good when it was braided. It's much nicer and easier now. 

Osi finally potty trained. We'll mostly. We still have a few accidents at night but hardly ever in the day time. It only took me not using pull-ups.  I went cold turkey and now he's good. . Now if only he would fall asleep on his own and sleep through the night. Yes, my practly 3 year old still wakes up and comes into my room every night. And he never falls asleep in his own. Like ever. Now that he is older I think I'm going to have to go hardcore. It's an hour most nights of soothing, and snuggling. I'm over it. Like seriously over it. He needs to sleep on his own. So I can maybe get a full nights sleep for once. It's only been years. 

Anyway, I'll try and be more. Bloggy. Espically since someone, ahem Alex. Ahem, made it a point to follow me on here. I'm kinda obligated. More painting and craftiness coming soon. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clearly i love this kid

And his awesomeness for letting me put this on him for halloween..
Can you even guess who he is?? Besides the biggest 2 year old on the planet.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Does your toddler sleep?

Mine does, well sorta. He naps 1 time for an hour, more if I'm lucky, and he's so nosy that he will not sleep if anyone but me is around.. And nights? Well usually he takes a good 30 minutes to get to sleep. I blame my self. I tried cry it out, he puked every time, so I gave up on that.. So now since he's in a toddler bed (read: crib with the side off) I sit in front of his crib while he jiber jabbers to himself until he falls asleep..up until a week ago I was giving him milk.. I'm slowly weaning him from a cup in bed. I know it's horrible for his teeth so I'm giving just a ounce or two of water, and a sip of milk. That adjustment is going well. 

Tonight, after bubbles, and bath, after teeth brushing and flossing, yes he loves to floss.. I put him into bed and he layer down,, I told him a story, we watched a few bubble guppie songs and he payed down.. Of course I forgot to put cream on his little rash, he gladly reminded me.. And socks.. Heaven forbid.. I forgot socks.. So I had to get socks.. And then.. Well yeah, Elmo needed socks, so Elmo got socks.. Then after trying to get me to put socks on his red puppy, turtle, and his manta ray, or man ray as he says he finally laced down.. And 45 minutes later is finally asleep..  Alas it will not be all night. At some point between 2 and 5 he will wake up, run across the hall, grab a cup of milk off my end table and climb into our bed between daddy and mommy and resume his rest.. Only tonight it will be water, not milk he grabs. Hopefully that goes well. 

I have to say, I have not gotten a full nights sleep since before he was born, I miss it. But it is easier now that he just comes in our room.. At least I don't have to stand up.. Sleeping in would be nice. 630 is sleeping in on the weekends for me. He's up by then almost every weekend. Bt that's because we get up at 530 daily so I get it.. Any thoughts on getting him to go to sleep faster, well I have read them all. I'm afraid my little man is just all about what is going on in the world. He can't miss anything. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

DIY play kitchen for under 30 bucks

First thing I have to say to the folks out there that think boys should have tool benches and not kitchens is... Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, and Aron Sanchez... 

So anyway. I have wanted to get him a kitchen for sometime. But all the plastic ones are too expensive and too big. So a few weeks ago when I was at the thrift shop I saw a small white table for 8 bucks.. Bought it.. Then off to the dollar store, brownie pan $1,and to michaels, wood plaque $2. That's $11 bucks if your keeping track..  I got some cabinet knobs from work, if you had to buy them $4 total.. Usually you can find some for a dollar each..  On a separate trip to the thrift store I found two round picture frames, $1, score, perfect burners, then to lowes next door to get a ptrap, $3 and washer, nut and bolt $3...up to $21 now ( but remember I didn't buy the knobs so really we are at $17). I had some peel and stick vinyl tile on hand, I used that to put. In the picture frames and painted then black with sharpie oil paint pen, and also painted the plaque.. Cut out a hole for the pan/sink.. Drilled holes for the "faucet" and handles.. I put the knobs on the plaque and using the washer, that fit into the flange of the ptrap screwed the flange to the table and installed the ptrap, bam.. Faucet. I used gorilla super glue to glue the burners and range knobs to the table and ta-da...  He loves it..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great Etsy Sellers to buy stuff from....

So apparently I must live in the Bermuda Triangle...  I have had 3 packages from Etsy sellers get lost in the mail over the past 2 months.. We live in a town house and have the apartment style boxes, sometimes packages don't fit and the post man has to bring it to our door.. Usually it's no problem because Rich works from home.. Well the past 3 times I have ordered products, I have not received them.. The sellers have given me tracking #'s that have no record or anything in the post office system..  Through no fault of these shop owners, I have not received the packages they have mailed. I have gone so far as to ask the post man about it and each time he knows nothing.. Each time I have contacted the shops to confirm shipment, they were all shocked and have sent me replacements. Not of the pattern that I had originally wanted, but replacements none the less, and free of charge. These ladies have been very helpful and gone above and beyond what I would expect from the Etsy Shop. I will totally be purchasing from them again...  Here are the shops in case you want to browse around and maybe show them some support.

MrsCraftyRVing She makes all sorts of crayon rolls and fun stuff.. I ordered 6 crayon rolls and she resent 10 plus crayons on 2 day rush so I would get them in time for Osiris' party. 

SewCreativeGifts She makes reusable snack bags and pillowcases... Cute cute cute  I ordered a snack bag and when I didn't get it, she sent me another one right out. I got it no problem..

RoadTripzzz  She makes car seat waterproof liners.. wet bags etc..  I ordered a seat liner, it never came and she sent me a different one, of my choosing..

These shops are everything you would expect from the etsy community.. Go there... Buy stuff...


Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm neglectful, but I have a good reason...

Shit's been crazy up in this piece.. I've just been so busy with work, Osiris and general around the house stuff..  I havent had much time to do anything crafty.. When I have done some things, I forget to take pictures.. I rule I know.. .
 I did do a few painting, one of them I absoutely adore, and even though it was a gift, I was extremely sad to see it go.. Look at it.. it's simply awesome.. I love, love, love the colors.  I have some canvas, small 6x9 ones that I am envisioning doing something with a similar effect to this one on.. Not the buddah, but the colors etc. They are so warm and pretty.
 I've made a few baby blankets for a few babies.. seems like everyone is popping out some babies.. I've been buying fat quarter bundels and fleece blankets and making the quilts that way..  I sew the fleece over the edge of the cotton, and then cut it into loops and crochet the edge. turns out real nice, and I dont have to deal with that crappy satin edging. I hate that stuff. I even made my first diaper cake.. It was much easier than I expected. No I didnt take a picture of that either.. again, I rule.. I guess you could say I've been too busy enjoying life to take a record of it.. lol yeah, that or I'm just lazy.
 We drove with my sister to Myrtle Beach to visit my mom.. That drive was, well, intresting to say the least. It didnt take terribly long, but Osiris was none too happy to be in his carseat for 6 hours. He did love the beach, it was nice enough to play in the sand and get our feet wet in the water.. Too cold to swim. He even found a starfish and several cool looking shells and coral. He loved the sand and the ocean. Since we watched Nemo all the way down when he saw the seagulls he was yelling "MINE, MINE, MINE" and running after them..  He also decided to bathe in sand, that was not fun to wash out of those locks.. His hair is out of control, and he hates to let me comb through it at all. Luckly his super awesome babysitter braids it up every once in a while. I dont know why he lets her do it and not me.. Oh well. 

Last weekend we did hell of yardwork. Raking, mulching, weeding etc. Osiris was a big help. He put all the leaves in the the wheelbarrow to dump out back. He helped to pull weeds and sweep up dirt etc. He had a great old time,  espically when it came time to get the mulch, loved riding in the wheelbarrow.  Osiris will be 2 in a month. Hard to believe. I havent even planned his party, although im not going to fuss over it I dont think. If I can get the backyard in order I will probably have it at the house again. Hotdogs and chips again, cheap and delicious. This year I am going to remember to take pictures.. :)
Anyway.. I'd like to say I will post regular updates, but seriosuly, I cant guarentee that. Now that Osiris is older it is making it easier to craft because I can give him stuff to do, or craft infront of him and he is all intrested. He loves to vaccuum so that it a big helpf for cleanup. It's amazing how much a bag of fabric scraps can entertain him.
Hope you are all good out there in blog land. Untill next time.. Stay crafty.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm still around...

Contrary to my post history since Osi has come into this world.. I am still around.. I'm just so busy these days.. Work and playing... cooking and sleeping... I have to say though, even though I don't have the time to do all the crafty things I love, I do still make sometime to do things for me.. Mostly at night when the O man is sleeping..

I recovered a marshmallow chair for him that i got free, and it was pink.. It's now leopard and brown.. much better.. I've altered some jeans, and done a few paintings.. but mostly I'm exhausted at the end of the day so i don't do much..

Hopefully as he gets older, and less attached (hes all about his momma) i will have more time to do more for me..
But seriously, look at this kid.. he's too fun and too cute for words.. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a fast year!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone.. I sure am glad I took monthly pictures. Osiris birthday is next week, I'll be sure to post more afterwards. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going Cloth... Our way

In today’s rocky economy even spending 20 bucks ever two weeks can add up... On average a baby uses 3900 diapers a year. If you break that down in to 96count boxes (using the target brand up & up diapers because those are the best in my opinion and the cheapest) you are spending nearly 600 bucks a year in just diapers. That’s a lot of money, and that’s not even including the disposable wipes! So anyway those numbers alone are enough for anyone to try and save money on diapering... One way to do that is to cloth diaper... I know what you’re thinking. “Gross I’ll have to touch poop and put poopie diapers in the washing machine that I wash my clothes in!” I thought that too, but let’s be serious, just because you are using disposables doesn’t mean that poop won’t go into the washing machine, or that you won’t touch it.. I’m sure we have the entire poop mid change changing... I know I have, and do I even have to mention the newborn blowout? Good lord how do those 9 pound babies make 10 pounds of poop!? You are probably also thinking “But Sooz, I’ve looked at cloth diapers and they are expensive!” and you’re right, some can be but in the long run buying 24 of even the most expensive cloth diapers say 25 bucks each is the same as one year of disposables and you are set for the diapering life of your baby, and any subsequent babies you have.

As it turns out there is not one way to cloth diaper. There are about 101 ways... And really there is no wrong way to do it. There are prefolds, flat folds, contours, pockets, fitted, all in ones, hybrids… Is your head spinning yet?? Mine was... So I took a step back, and started asking questions to senior Google... I researched types, costs, and methods, then two cloth diapers fell into my lap, quite literally, and a friend brought them to me to see if I wanted them because she didn’t. With those two diapers, gPants actually, my journey to cloth started. I cannot tell you what would be the best method for you, I can only tell you what works for us... So here goes...

In the grand scheme of cloth diapering I have the absolute bare minimum of stuff. Here’s what I have:

• 37 Prefolds, $0.00 I lucked into these free off a man on craigslist. ( in know ewe, used; but I’ll get into that later)

• 2 Medium gPants, $0.00 again given to me free from a friend with some of their disposable inserts

• 1 Thirsties Duo pocket diaper, with 1 bamboo insert and 1 microfiber soaker $21.00 (although grandma bought that too  )

• 1 Econobum One Size (OS) cover $8.95

• 1KaWaii Cover OS Snap $7.95

• 1 roll of GroVia disposable Liners $9.99 (this is the only thing you will have to buy regularly, but 10 bucks every 200 changings is not that much

• 2 generic Pockets $14.00 total bought in a swap

• 1 Econobum $4.00 also bought in a swap.

• 40+/- cloth wipe $0.00 I just raided the good will bag and cut up a bunch of t-shirts into 8x8 squares.

So add that up, I’ll wait…. That’s right; I’ve been diapering Osiris for the past two months on 65.00 and really only on $44.00 because I didn’t pay for the Thirsties... I’m sure your start up costs might end up being much more but as you can see it can be done cheaply with a little bit of work...

Okay now for the review part of this steal. I’ll do this in order of the above list.
PREFOLDS- Basically prefolds are cotton and multi layers cloth diapers, the kind your mom and grandma used to use to diaper you they were probably fastened with Pins and then covered with plastic pants... The particular ones I have are 8 ply, I think. They are super thick and probably a small size. They don’t fit around Osiris so I fold these into thirds and use them like inserts. When I use them in the covers, after I have the cover on, I spread out the back to cover the bum more. You can buy prefolds from mostly anywhere; they are usually a couple bucks a piece. The most common ones I see besides the Gerber 12 packs are the Indian cotton ones. The more layers the more absorbent they are obviously. Personally if you are going to use prefolds I recommend not cheeping out and buying the super cheap ones, they are probably only 4 layers and you’ll be changing more often, Better to leave those for burp cloths.

GPants- The gPants is a hybrid diaper, meaning that you can use either a cloth insert with a biodegradable/ flushable insert or a cloth insert. They consist of a cotton pant with an elastic and Velcro closure. Then there is a snap in insert that is waterproof. So if the insert gets soiled but the plant is clean you can just switch the insert out. What’s nice about these is that the Velcro in the back so little fingers cant grab it, and the outer layer is soft cotton... These are a bit on the expensive side, you can get a starter pack of 2 for around $26.00 but then you have to get inserts etc... Can get pricy and since they are sized, you will have to rebuy as baby grows. Not a huge deal and still a savings from sposies. Like I said before mine were given to me so I didn’t have to buy at all. She even gave me 5 of the waterproof liners.

Thirsties Duo- This particular one is a Pocket Diaper. That means there is an inner wicking layer and you put an insert in a pocket, kind of like a pillowcase to add the absorbency. This is nice because you can add more inserts for more absorbency. This is great for night time. Also you can use the pocket diaper, without the insert, as just a cover over your prefold. I like the PUL of the thirsties, and I like the fit on Osiris, however I wish I had gotten the snaps because the Velcro does come undone under his onsies and sleepers when he is moving around a bit. They do work fine when he is in pants though. They also come in colors and patterns that are adorable.

Econobum- I have two of these one blue and one green trim. These are one size covers that are only the water proof PUL and elastic banding. The Econobum is great because it is thin, waterproof and the edges are soft and don’t irritate baby skin. I like that it is adjustable and that it is snaps... and those snaps hold... I usually fold a prefold into thirds place it in the center of the diaper then add my liner, then snap it around Osiris adjusting the prefold under as needed. This one is one of my favorites. If only it came in colors and patterns too. And you can’t beat the price, under $10.00 a piece. These will fit from Newborn up, unlike some covers that tend to start at 15 pounds, and offer a newborn size.

KaWaii Cover- I have only one KaWaii cover and I also love it. It, much like the Econobum is an OS cover that is snap. I like this one because it has an interior lip of the PUL to keep the insert from sliding forward. It also fits nicely around Osiris legs. These covers are affordable at under $8.00 a piece and look and feel great. I honestly can’t feel a difference between them and the more expensive Thirsties PUL. These are available in both Velcro and Snap. Again I prefer snap.

GROVIA LINERS- Okay seriously these are the greatest. They are a thin layer of Biodegradable material that you put between the diaper and baby. What it does is wick moisture away from baby and hold solids... That’s right POOP. So you just take the liner to the toilet when it’s poopie and flush the mess away. Some Moms swear by their diaper sprayers, I swear by my liners. I hate the idea of having to take the whole diaper to the toilet, Spray the poop off. Soak the diaper, and then take a bucket of soaking wet diapers to the wash... And considering I work and only wash diapers on Saturdays that would give me more work... Uh no thanks. Sure some staining occurs, but really they are diapers people. You can’t expect them to stay white forever...

CLOTH WIPES- Okay so you can go and spend money on cloth wipes or you can just use what you have, washcloths, old towels, clothes... I used old t-shirts. I must have cut up 8 shirts and got almost 40 wipes. Then I keep a sprayer in the tub of wipes full of wipe solution I made and spray Osiris as needed, or spray the wipe. Usually I spray his bottom for Poop and the wipe for pee... They are so much more absorbent than regular wipes and thicker so I rarely get poo on my hands.

My basic routine is to lay the cover out with the prefold in it topped by a liner and then snap the whole thing around the baby as snugly as possible. When it’s time to change I open the diaper, toss the liner, or flush it, wipe the bum, put the prefold into the diaper pail, and just replace the prefold and liner with new.. It really doesn’t take me much more time than a disposable does. I keep everything right on the changing table in easy reach and it’s simple.

Okay so now that I’ve shown you what I use and how I do it hopefully you will get a little inspiration and give it a go. Now a few tips I’ve learned.

1. Wash often and rinse a lot... you have to get all the residue out or they don’t absorb as much. I use Rockin Green soap right now, but there are many recipes online on how to make your own. I’m doing that next time. I rinse twice on hot, wash on hot cold (use the largest load size you have, the more water, the better the rinse is) then rinse again. Then I toss them all (except the covers) in the dryer and dry them on medium till dry, usually two cycles. When it’s sunny out I will hang them to dry, the sun will zap any lingering ammonia odor and help to bleach out any lingering stains... Isn’t nature great?

2. Buy Used, seriously. I know it sounds gross, but that is the cheapest way to go cloth. I literally stalk Craigslist... you can get whole stashes for like 200 bucks or but one or two here and there. The nice thing about craigslist is you can look at them, and if they are not the condition you want then don’t buy them. There are also many swaps and yard sales on Facebook you can join and those Mom’s sell cheap. And will ship them to you postage paid. Thank God for Flat rate Boxes.

3. If you do choose to buy new, do your research. There are many locally owned shops that don’t charge shipping... Abby’s Lane and Sweet Bottom Baby are two that I have ordered from that offer free shipping and friendly service. You e-mail them a question and they actually respond.

4. Dry in the sun whenever possible... The sun is amazing at bleaching out stains and killing bacteria...

5. Be careful what diaper rash creams you are using, many will clog up the diaper fibers and then they don’t absorb and you get leaks. I don’t use any diaper creams, Osiris has never had a rash in 8 months.

SO that’s it... that’s all I have to say... It really is not that much of a hassle. In fact I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I’m doing something good for Osiris and for the environment. He has never had a diaper rash, and never had a leak or a blowout in these diapers. I will say I didn’t start diapering him in cloth till 4 months. By that time he was eating some purred veggies and his poops were much more solid. He does occasionally get a runny one now, and I have still had no issues...

I guess I didn’t even touch on All in one’s or fitted diaper.. AIO’s are exactly what they sound like, an absorbent layer and waterproof layer in one. These will be most like disposables in terms of putting them on, but take more time to dry and you have to use a new one each time.. These just aren’t for me.. Fitteds are a fitted prefold you have to put a waterproof cover on them too. If your prefolds are big you can easily turn them into a fitted for a fraction of the price of new ones.